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We Elevate Your Healthcare Practice by Connecting You with 40+ High-Quality Patient Leads within 90 Days & Automating Patient Communication Using Advanced Conversational AI.

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The Secret to Clinic Growth Starts with

What is AI Powered Patient Engagement?

Think of it this way…

An empty appointment calendar means missed opportunities to help patients and grow your practice.

Your ideal patients are out there, but you’re busy managing your practice and they’re busy with their lives.

That's where  Product Champ comes in.

Our platform acts as your dedicated patient engagement specialist.

Interacting with potential patients on your website, social media channels, and through text messages

It collects their information and seamlessly schedules appointments on your calendar.

All while you focus on providing exceptional care.

AI Powered Patient Acquisition

We leverage cutting-edge AI technology to attract high-quality patient leads through targeted social media campaigns, website optimization, and automated communication systems. Our data-driven approach ensures you connect with the right patients and grow your practice.

Effortless Customer Engagement

Our platform automates patient engagement through conversational AI chatbots, personalized email and SMS sequences, and multi-channel communication tools. This frees up your time to focus on providing exceptional care while ensuring your patients stay engaged and informed.

Sustainable Practice Growth

We help you build long-term relationships with your patients through patient reactivation campaigns, referral programs, and ongoing communication and support. Our goal is to help you create a thriving practice with a loyal patient base.

❌Difficulty attracting new patients

❌Time-consuming manual follow-up

❌Missed appointment opportunities

❌Inconsistent patient engagement

✅Continuous flow of new patients

✅Effortless appointment scheduling

✅Increased practice revenue

✅Enhanced patient satisfaction


With The Personalized Patient Attraction Growth Engine

a system working tirelessly to engage potential patients, nurture leads, and schedule appointments on your calendar, all through automated yet personalized interactions.

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We’re the first platform designed specifically for healthcare professionals to guide potential patients from social media, your website, and other channels directly to your appointment calendar…

All automatically!

If you’ve ever received a message from a healthcare practice that responded instantly, providing helpful information and scheduling options, that could have been one of our meticulously crafted chat automations.

✅Attract new patients

✅Nurture leads

✅Schedule appointments

✅Manage patient relationships

✅Grow your practice

All in one single platform!

Making a website or starting a blog used to take a lot of time.

But now, you can do it all in just one afternoon!

With a Product Champ Website, You Can...

⚡ Enjoy lightning fast page loading speeds that help you attract more patients and schedule more appointments.

⚡Make your own pages easily, even if you’re not a computer genius.

⚡Choose from lots of page designs, add your content, and set up your pages in a snap.

Product Champ Replaces:



💪 Google Sites

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Whether you offer ebooks, online courses, consultations, or even physical products, it’s crucial to have a seamless and efficient way for patients to purchase your offerings.

With Product Champ's Online Store You Can...

Effortlessly add products: Upload images, videos, descriptions, and pricing with just a few clicks.

Create high-converting checkout pages: Design a checkout process that maximizes sales, without any coding required.

Boost revenue with upsells and order bumps: Offer additional products and services to increase your average patient value.

Product Champ Replaces:

💪 Shopify

💪 Etsy

💪 SamCart

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Creating recurring revenue is essential for a thriving healthcare practice.

One powerful way to achieve this is by offering a membership site where patients pay for exclusive access to valuable content and services.

With Product Champ's Membership Sites, You Can:

  • Build a successful subscription business: Generate predictable monthly income without solely relying on acquiring new patients.

  • Easily add educational content: Upload videos, documents, and other resources to create a rich learning experience for your patients.

  • Share exclusive content and updates: Keep your members engaged and informed within your password-protected membership area.

Product Champ Replaces:

💪 Kajabi

💪 Teachable

💪 Thinkific

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Attracting new patients is important, but…

Nurturing those relationships and encouraging patient loyalty is…

Crucial for sustainable practice growth.

With Product Champ's PRM, You Can:

  • Strengthen patient relationships: Build deeper connections and provide personalized care through effective communication and engagement.

  • Track patient progress and interactions: Monitor each patient’s journey and tailor your approach to their individual needs.

  • Automate follow-up and reminders: Ensure patients receive timely communication and stay on track with their treatment plans.

  • Gain valuable insights: Understand your patient base better to improve your services and marketing efforts.

Product Champ Replaces:

  • Salesforce Health Cloud
  • HubSpot CRM
  • Zoho CRM

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Staying connected with patients through email can significantly impact your practice’s growth and patient retention.

With Product Champ's Email Marketing, You Can:

  • Easily create and send emails: Share valuable content, updates, and promotions with your patients.

  • Segment your audience: Target specific patient groups with relevant information and offers.

  • Track email performance: Monitor open rates, click-through rates, and other metrics to optimize your campaigns.

  • Ensure high deliverability: Get your emails delivered to patients’ inboxes, maximizing engagement.

Product Champ Replaces:

  • Mailchimp
  • Constant Contact
  • ActiveCampaign

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Data is essential for making informed decisions about your practice. Without it, you risk wasting time and resources on ineffective strategies.

With Product Champ's Analytics Dashboard, You Can:

  • Track key performance indicators (KPIs): Monitor metrics like website traffic, lead generation, appointment bookings, and patient engagement.

  • Measure campaign effectiveness: See which marketing efforts are driving the best results.

  • Gain insights into patient behavior: Understand your patients better to tailor your services and communication.

  • Make data-driven decisions: Optimize your strategies based on real-time data and insights.

Product Champ Replaces:

  • Google Analytics
  • Mixpanel
  • Heap

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Reduce no-shows by up to 50% with our intelligent booking system that automates appointment scheduling and reminders, ensuring patients show up for their appointments.

With Product Champ's AI Booking System, You Can:

  • Offer convenient online booking: Allow patients to schedule appointments 24/7 from any device.

  • Reduce no-shows by up to 50%: Send automated appointment reminders via text message and email to keep patients on track.

  • Fill cancellations automatically: Our system identifies and fills open slots with other patients, maximizing your schedule utilization.

  • Optimize your schedule: Gain insights into appointment trends and adjust your availability accordingly.

Product Champ Replaces:

  • Calendly
  • Jane

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Motivate patients and track their progress with our system that collects symptom data, rewards participation, and encourages action.

With Product Champ's Patient Progress Tracking System, You Can:

  • Collect patient symptoms: Easily gather information about patients’ symptoms and track their progress over time.

  • Reward patient participation: Encourage patients to actively participate in their care by offering rewards and incentives.

  • Motivate action and adherence: Help patients stay on track with their treatment plans by tracking their progress and celebrating their successes.

  • Gain valuable insights: Analyze patient data to identify trends and tailor your approach to individual needs.

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Say goodbye to writer’s block and create high-converting copy in seconds with our AI Copywriter tool.

Access over 100+ proven copywriting templates to go from blank page to first draft in seconds.

With Product Champ's AI Copywriter, You Can:

  • Generate compelling headlines and ad copy: Capture attention and drive clicks with powerful AI-generated copy.

  • Craft engaging website content: Create informative and persuasive website copy that converts visitors into patients.

  • Write effective email marketing campaigns: Increase open rates and click-through rates by 25%+ with engaging email copy.

  • Develop social media posts that resonate: Connect with your audience and build relationships through effective social media content.

  • And much more!

Product Champ Replaces:

  • Jasper
  • Copy.AI
  • ChatGPT

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Engage your website visitors on every page with our dynamic Customer Engagement Widget.

This interactive tool helps you capture leads, promote your services, and provide instant support.

With Product Champ's Customer Engagement Widget, You Can:

  • Display targeted pop-ups: Trigger pop-ups based on visitor behavior to capture leads and promote relevant offers.

  • Offer live chat support: Provide instant assistance to website visitors and answer their questions in real time.

  • Collect valuable feedback: Gather insights from visitors to improve your website and services.

  • Increase engagement and conversions: Encourage visitors to take action and move closer to becoming patients.

Product Champ's Customer Engagement Widget Is the Perfect Tool To:

  • Capture leads: Convert website visitors into leads with targeted pop-ups and forms.

  • Increase engagement: Keep visitors engaged with your website and encourage them to explore your services.

  • Provide support: Offer instant assistance and answer questions through live chat.

  • Boost conversions: Drive more appointments and consultations by prompting visitors to take action.

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The CARES Practice Patient Growth Model

Our unique CARES model is the foundation of our approach to helping healthcare practices attract, engage, and retain patients.

Concentrated Conversions

We design your website and marketing materials to convert visitors into patients effectively.

Automated Patient & Lead Communication

We automate communication with patients and leads to ensure timely and personalized interactions.

Re-Activate Old Patients & Get Referrals

We help you re-engage past patients and encourage referrals from your existing patient base.

Engage & Warm-up Leads

We nurture leads with valuable content and personalized communication to guide them towards booking an appointment.

Sustain & Grow Patient Relationships

We help you build long-term relationships with your patients to encourage loyalty and repeat visits.

By Leveraging The CARES Model

The Personalized Patient Attraction Growth Engine provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to patient acquisition and engagement, ensuring your practice thrives in today’s competitive healthcare landscape.

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Product Champ Gives You All the Tools You Need to Attract, Engage, and Retain Patients.

Chat Automation and More...
Access All Your Marketing Tools Here

Chat Automation: Get potential patients quickly and turn them into appointments.

Websites: Create a website that reflects your practice’s unique brand and values.

Online Courses: Educate and empower patients with online courses and resources.

Email Marketing: Connect with your audience in their inbox and nurture relationships.

Workflows: Design automated processes for efficient patient engagement and marketing.

Landing Pages: Create targeted landing pages for specific campaigns and services.

Membership Sites: Offer exclusive content and services through patient membership programs.

A/B Testing: Test different elements of your website, funnels, and emails to see what works best.

Blogs: Share your expertise and attract patients with informative blog content.

Analytics: Gain valuable insights into your practice’s performance and patient behavior.

Patient Portal: Provide patients with a secure and convenient way to manage their appointments and access information.

Sales Funnels: Guide potential patients through a seamless journey from awareness to booking an appointment.

Product Champ Editor: Easily edit pages with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.

PRM: Manage patient relationships effectively and build long-term loyalty.

Try The Patient Attraction Growth Engine Now!

…and experience the difference a comprehensive patient acquisition and engagement system can make for your practice.

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If you ever feel overwhelmed or need an expert team to streamline your business growth, we offer comprehensive marketing solutions. From branding and website design to social media management and advertising, our services can seamlessly elevate you to the next level.

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No, all updates to The Personalized Patient Attraction Growth Engine platform are included in your subscription fee. We are constantly improving and adding new features to help you grow your practice.

Yes, we take data security very seriously. We use industry-standard security measures to protect your patient data and ensure it is always safe and secure.

Absolutely! Our dedicated support team is available to answer your questions and help you get the most out of The Personalized Patient Attraction Growth Engine. You can reach us via email or schedule a call with one of our support specialists.

Yes, if you choose to cancel your account, your data will be deleted from our system. We recommend exporting your data before canceling your account if you wish to retain it.

No, Product Champ is a cloud-based platform, so there is no need for installation. You can access it from any web browser.

Yes, our system is built to handle high volumes of traffic and data. We can accommodate the needs of practices of all sizes.

You have complete control over your data, content, and subscriber information. We will never share your data with any third parties without your consent.

Yes, you can choose to host your landing pages and website content on your own server if you prefer.

You can easily cancel your subscription at any time from within your account settings. There are no cancellation fees.

We offer a variety of pricing plans to fit the needs of different practices. You can choose from our Standard Plan ($297/month), Premium Plan ($497/month), or contact us for a custom quote if you require more advanced features and support.

Try The Personalized Patient Attraction Growth Engine Now!

Experience the full power of The Personalized Patient Attraction Growth Engine and see how it can transform your practice.

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