How to Get More 5-Star Reviews For Your Business Instantly

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Topics Covered In This Guide

Use these scripts to handle the following…

Requesting Feedback

Make sure the customer had a good experience first, then use this script to get a positive review!

Handling Bad Reviews

Diffuse heated situations quickly and safeguard your reputation with this easy script.

Video Testimonials

Reviews already speak a thousand words but videos capture the transformation. Having video testimonials can increase conversions by 80% 

What Our Clients Are Saying

Major wins from our product champions!

Before Product Champ, we were chasing around people in our messages and not been able to follow up with them. We had no idea what a pipeline was and how automation works. Product Champ took care of it for us painlessly.


Mlee P

Owner DigiVerse

We now have a way where we can showcase our reviews. We have been able to resolve bad reviews and showcase the positive ones! Getting reviews has never been simpler.

sam social round

Sam K

Owner Lake Wine and Spirits

As a new non profit organization we needed to get reviews fast to show how we help families from around the country. The review templates that come with Product Champ are a total lifesaver!

Jeff Jen

Jeff & Jen F

Founders Gears In Heaven

Start Getting More 5 Star Reviews Today!

Get our proven review request scripts and start generating tons of reviews today!

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